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The July 2000 issue of Scientific  American has a feature article on the LHC and CMS related topics.

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Trigger Electronics One of the main focuses of the UCLA group
Muon Chambers- Another of the main focuses of the UCLA CMS group.
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With the CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) detector we will look for new particles such as Higgs and Supersymmetric particles produced in ultra-high energy proton-proton collisions. The LHC (Large Hadron Collider) accelerator, now under construction at CERN will supply center-of-mass energies of 14 TeV when it is complete in 2007-2008.

The UCLA-CMS group is working on the detection of muons, which are essential signatures for the Higgs and other new particles. We are working on two construction projects: muon "trigger" electronics to identify the muon particles quickly, and construction of a testing facility for the large muon detector chambers.

The Main Focuses of The UCLA - CMS Group
Trigger Electronics-
UCLA is designing and prototyping high-speed electronics for the endcap muon system. Within a few hundred nanoseconds, the electronics will find muon "tracks" using as input some 400,000 data channels. The electronics is "pipelined" at a rate of 40 MHz, the crossing frequency of particle bunches in the LHC. The sagitta, or amount of bending, of the muon tracks is measured with an accuracy of about 1 mm. At the same time, several GHz of background particle interactions are rejected.
Muon Chambers-
UCLA has taken responsibility for the final assembly and testing of a large number of muon chambers. This will take place in the new Science and Technology Research Building (STRB) on the Southwest part of the UCLA campus.

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The LHC accelerator, straddling the French-Swiss border.
The "god" particle, i.e. the Higgs particle, decaying to four muons in CMS (a simulation!)
CMS detector -Perspective view 
CMS detector -Cross-section view.
Endcap Muon system- Perspective view 

June 2001: the steel of the first endcap muon disk 

June 2001: the barrel muon steel during assembly 
June 2001: members of the endcap muon group visit the CMS assembly hall 
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